Rebels kill 19 Including High Ranking Militant from Hezbollah in Yabroud

Activists dispute the claim that Yabroud is the final rebel stronghold


Bashar Assad forces backed by Iranian proxy Hezbollah militiants kept up their shelling of the town of Yabroud and the surrounding Qalamoun region Thursday in the tenth day of the campaign.


A Zaman al-Wasl reporter said 18 regular army soldiers have been killed due to fierce clashes with Rebels in Jrajeer village next to Yabroud.


Rebels also claimed the death of a high ranking militant from Hezbollah in Yabroud and the detention of another 11 from the Lebanese militia.


Activists have disputed claims that Yabroud is the “final” rebel-held town in Qalamoun, saying that rebels retain a presence over half a dozen villages in the area. Several thousand people are believed to have fled Yabroud as the onslaught picks up pace.


Over 10,000 Syrians mainly from Sahel and Yabroud in Syria have arrived to Arsal, Lebanon since 9 February, activists said.


Translated and edite by The Syrian Observer



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