Regime Besieges Qudsaya as U.N. Resolution Agreed

The siege followed the killing of an officer and his son

A tight siege was imposed by regime checkpoints around the city of Qudsaya, in the countryside of Damascus since Saturday evening, with civilians being prevented from returining to Damascus.


Assad forces at the checkpoint belonging to Political Intelligence closed the roads of Qudsaya-al-Dahiya and Jamuraiya-Damascus, meaning cars delivering flour and food stuff were prevented from entering the city.


The siege followed the death of an officer in the Syrian army and his son. The officer was Lieutenant Colonel Younis Mustafa from the Fourth Armored Division, an officer in charge of the Daraya region.


Activists said that the officer ran over a child and then shot the people who gathered around the accident, leading to members of the People's Committees to shoot at the the car of the officer, killing him and his son.


The accident led to tensions in the city, with roads later being blocked, soldiers at checkpoints being mobilized and military helicopters deployed over the city.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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