Qudsaya Refuses to Take Part in Pro-Regime March

Residents say the truce was imposed on the starving city

Supporters of the Syrian regime issued a call for a pro-regime march to be organized on Thursday at 10 am, in front of the directorate of Qudsaya region.


However organizers were shocked when the people of the city refused to send their children to schools or participate in the rally.


An All4Syria reporter asked some of the residents about their decision. Some agreed to anwser, on condition of anonymity.


"The conditions of the truce signed with the regime don’t oblige us to walk in marches or to do anything in favor of the regime," one resident said.


"How can we support a regime that kills his people and make them starve; we have been besieged for a week and no food or flour is allowed to enter our town", another answered.


Despite the warnings from security forces, the people of the town refused the march, so the regime had no choice but to lie, saying armed elements had threatened the people of the town to prevent them from walking in the march.


All4Syria's reporter witnessed theanger of a brigadier in the police forces as he was ordering his men to get more ammunition to prepare for a confrontation, asking them to prevent anybody from getting out or in to the town, including employees. The officer might have been ashamed of his failure to organize a march in front of the cameras of Syrian official television.


The siege around the town continues for the seventh day on Sunday as the result of an accident that caused the death of an officer from the Presidential Guard, despiute the though the people of the town had no relation to it. Nobody knows when the officials of the regime will feel ashamed of themselves and break the siege, whether for glory or a victory to intimidate unarmed people.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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