Activists: Mexican, Armenian-American Gangs Fight Beside Hezbollah in Syria

The Armenian Power is a Los Angeles street gang, the majority of whose members are Armenians

Syrian activists say they have observed Mexican-American mercenaries fighting beside Hezbollah militias in Syria.


The fighters were photographed in regime-held areas in Aleppo, and a video clip was leaked showing them celebrating their crimes, murders and rape of Syrian women and children.


It's not enough that the Syrian regime brought militias from Lebanon, Iran and Iraq to fight beside its forces; it went evn further by using Russian special forces and American internationally wanted criminals.


The Armenian Power is a Los Angeles street gang, the majority of whose members are Armenians, but there are also members of Latin American origin.


Like all other American organized crime gangs, the gang has no specific ideology or spiritual orientation. It is active in drug trade, illegal gambling and arms. 


The gang members can be recognized through their special clothing and tattoos. According to a report published by the Daily Mail in 2011, the gang, which was founded in the 1980s in Los Angeles, consists of about 200 members, and  has good relations with the Mexican organized crime gangs and similar gangs in Russia, Georgia and Armenia.


In 2011, the Federal Investigations Bureau (FBI) launched a campaign against the Armenian Power and arrested 74 active members. The campaign was launched after evidence of fraud and robbery operations emerged. the latest news comes amid reports of European fighters from Nazi movements fighting beside Assad's forces.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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