Moaz Khatib: International Interference Will Lead Country to Disaster

Khatib stresses he will not run in elections organized by the regime

The former President of the Syrian National Coalition, Moaz Khatib has stressed that he is not running for the presidency of Syria.


Khatib said the Facebook page dedicated to nominating him for the presidency "is the work of some young men who have not had enough of the domination of one party and one regime." 


He said the page was deactivated after it measured acceptance of the idea among Syrians, but stressed his refusal to run in elections organized by the regime.


Khatib said he communicated with the administrators of the page through Facebook and recognized that their idea was aiming at unifying the Syrian people.


When asked whether the initiative was aimed at bringing him back to the front, Khatib said: "When the man is in the front, and he decides optionally to leave it, he will not use such ways to return. There are more effective ways".


Khatib explained that the decision to deactivate the page was not the result of pressure from some political opposition figures, and after finding out the results, al-Khatib asked to deactivate the page.


Khatib said that the thousands of messages he received spoke of salvation, adding they were messages to those who benefitted from the revolution so that they may recognize the existence of a huge social movement that had not express its opinions yet.


Khatib expressed doubt that the nomination of a strong opposition figure may lead to a faster change in Syria, because "the regime has defrauded people for fifty years, and it has a specially designed constitution to do so. It is impossible for a step like this to succeed in these general circumstances."


"Syria is facing a very dangerous future, as the regime still acts without care to the wounds it inflicted on its people. In the meanwhile, the upcoming regional and international interference will lead the country into disaster. Syrian people should be aware of these two obstacles facing them," Khatib added.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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