Who is George Haswani, Who Helped Release Maaloula Nuns?

A former employee has revealed details about Hasawani's identity

Following an emormous number of questions from readers about the identity of George Haswani, who was reported to have helped release the Maloula nuns from the Nusra Front in Yabroud, we asked one of his employees about his character.


The employee revealed that Haswani is from Yabroud and he was the assistant manager of Banias refinery.  He was temporarily assigned as a manager when the General Manager resigned. After a new manager was assigned to the position, Haswani resigned and went to Russia, where he studied and married.


Haswani communicated with old friends there, among them were high-ranking officials from the Russian security forces. He established an authorized corporation with licenses from a Russian gas and oil company. The corporation, HESCO for Oil and Gas, also delivered spares to the Russian military vehicles and Russian oil wells.


Haswani's office is run by his son-in-law, Yousuf Arbash, who was a member in the Syrian Communist Party, in the Yousuf Faisal wing. Arbash runs the office with Amjad Douba, who also lives in Moscow.


Because working in these business sectors is difficult and limited to a specified group, Haswani married an Alawite woman with connections to the Assad family. The work of the company expanded to include oil pipelines in Algeria and Sudan. Later it completed a gas processing plant in central Syria, as a subcontractor to Russian company Stroytransgaz, by the end of 2013.


The source said rumors saying that Haswani is the brother-in-law of the Russian President are completely fake.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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