Syria calls on U.N. to Condemn Turkish Support for Terrorists in Kassab

Syrian foreign ministry complains to the U.N. in two formal letters


The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry called on Wednesday in two identical letters to the U.N. Secretary-General and Chairman of the U.N. Security Council to take all measures required to condemn the Turkish involvement in supporting the armed terrorist groups which attacked the Kassab district from Liwa Iskenderun, and to compel the Turkish government to stop its aggression.


The ministry said in the two identical letters, of which SANA received copies, that the Syrian government has drawn the attention of the U.N. Secretary-General and chairmen of the U.N. Security Council during the past three years to the acts and violations committed by the Turkish government against Syria's security and stability, through the Turkish involvement in organizing, receiving, funding and hosting tens of thousands of terrorists from various takfiri movements, facilitating their entry into the Syrian territories and giving them bases in Turkish territories.


"After the failure of the attempts by the Turkish regime to undermine Syria, the Turkish army moved by the Turkish prime minister's instructions to launch flagrant aggression against Syria as the Turkish army's tanks and artillery took part directly in the attack on Kassab, north of Syria, and its surroundings. Syria is aware of the dangers of this act on the regional security and this was conveyed urgently in two identical letters sent on March 21, 2014 to the U.N. Secretary-General and the UNSC chairman," the ministry added.


The ministry stressed that the Turkish direct and ongoing involvement until the moment of sending this letter, in addition to armed aggression on a founding member state of the U.N., adds to a series of Turkish acts in support of terrorism in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, as well as its exposed support to the Nusra Front,  listed by the Security Council as a terrorist organization.


The ministry clarified that it has been proven that the sweeping majority of the armed terrorist groups' members belong to the Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and that the Turkish army provided these groups with logistic and direct military support.


"Given that the committee of resolutions No. 1267, 1999 and 1989, 2011 designated in its session held May 5th, 2013  the Nusra Front on the unified list of the entities and individuals linked to Al-Qaeda, which are included in sanctions imposed by the U.N. on this organization, the Syrian government calls on the Security Council and its subcommittee established pursuant to resolutions No. 1267, 1999 and 1989, 2011 to take all measures required to condemn this dangerous development and compel the Turkish government to stop aggression," the letters said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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