Kurds Ally With the Arabs to Face ISIS in Kobani

Despite disagreement between YPG and some Kurdish factions allied to the Free Syrian Army, they are cooperating against ISIS

Two months ago, ISIS established a siege around the Kurdish areas in the eastern countryside, the most important of these areas being the city of Ain Arab, or as Kurds call it, Kobani.


Over the last two months, ISIS has tightened the siege around Kobani from all sides. The city is considered the largest among the Kurdish areas in the eastern countryside, in addition to the city of Afrin, in the northern countryside, which has a bigger population, with dozens of villages surrounding both cities.


Several battalions and factions are trying to prevent ISIS from storming Kobani, including the Kurds Front, Ahfad al-Mursalin and the Ahrar Suriya Syria’s Free Men brigade, which is part of the Free Syrian Army.  These battalions are positioned around Kobani, specifically in the towns of Shuyokh and Karakozak. Violent clashes are continuing daily to prevent ISIS from progressing towards Kobanî and the Kurdish areas.


Inside the city, troops from the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are stationed. 


The mission of the Kurdish parties and their armed wings are to provide the military support, including arms and soldiers, to the battalions stationed on the outskirts of Ain Al-Arab. Despite disagreement between YPG and some Kurdish factions allied to the Free Syrian Army, cooperation continues to thwart the ISIS presence in the Kurdish areas.


Political activist in the Kurdish Democratic Union, Orhan Ibrahim, told al-Quds Al-Arabi that “the will of the Kurdish people is stronger than that of the ISIS terrorists and their tyranny. They came to occupy Kobani and its villages to convert the region into an emirate."


"There are facts that cannot be concealed confirming the employment of ISIS terrorists by the Syrian regime," he said, "It became clear after targeting the rebels in Raqqa, where regime soldiers with the 93rd Brigade move freely."


"The schemes by ISIS to control the Kurdish areas are supported by the regime in order to expand its geographic control at the expense of the national revolutionary forces,” he said.


Orhan criticised ISIS supporters, asking them: "Did you see the cars full of food entering the strongholds of the regime in Raqqa? Why are the same cars are prevented from entering Koban?”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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