One Woman Killed Every Three Hours in Syria

Syrian Human Rights Network says 12,935 women have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of the revolution

The Syrian Human Rights Network has documented the death of 141 women during the month of March, including two women who died under torture in detention centers.


The Network said that 12,935 women have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of the revolution, among them 3,614 female children, with an average of one woman killed every three hours.


The director of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Fadel Abdul Ghani, who documented thousands of violations against women during the  revolution, said "No-one did justice to the suffering of Syrian women and their sacrifices, and most importantly, none of those who violated women's rights was held accountable."


"If the principle of protection responsibility was not applied in Syria, then when and where is it applied? What is the need for it?" he asked.


On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Network issued a report which documented the killing of 31 women under torture in government detention centers, and the arrest of about 5,000 others at the hands of regime forces since the outbreak of the revolution.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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