Observatory Says Five Hezbollah Guerillas Killed in Eastern Ghouta, Qalamoun

Violent clashes in the town of Maliha and its surroundings in the countryside of Damascus

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday that five guerillas from Hezbollah were killed on Sunday in battles in Eastern Ghouta and Qalamoon between the guerrillas of the party on the one hand and the Nusra Front and a group of Islamic battalions on the other.


The Observatory said "violent clashes took place on Sunday night in the town of Maliha and its surroundings in the countryside of Damascus between regime forces, supported by troops of the National Defense Forces, armed men from Arab nationalities and Hezbollah guerrillas on the one hand, and fighters of the Nusra Front and several Islamic brigades on the other hand."


"The clashes were accompanied by targeting the town with land to surface rockets," the ondon based group said.


The Observatory said clashes took place after midnight Sunday "between regime forces and the fighters of the Islamic brigades in Muadamieht al-Sham, accompanied by a mortar shell that fell on the suburb of Assad near the city of Harasta, injuring a child."


"A mortar shell fell this morning on the municipality district in Jaramana city and a man and his grandson were killed in a mortar attack yesterday on Deffatlsakher region in Jaramana," it added.


Meanwhile, a security source told Agence France Press that regime forces have recaptured the city of Maaloula in Damascus countryside on Monday, four months after the withdrawal after the armed opposition fighters entered it in December 2013.


The source told the agency that "safety and security have been restored to the city of Maaloula in the context of taking control over the strategic Qalamoon area north of the capital.


"Terrorism in Qalamoon collapsed", the source added.


The source noted that the operation "killed a large number of terrorists, while small numbers escaped and we will chase them to their refuge."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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