Interior Minister Says Voting in Presidential Election is National Duty

Parties' Committee discusses the role of parties in the democratic process


Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar said on Thursday that participation in electoral processes is a genuine indication of citizenship and commitment to Syrian sovereignty and the independence of its decision-making.


“Taking part in the elections is a right of each Syrian citizen to guarantee Syria sovereignty and future,” Shaar said during a meeting for the Parties’ Affairs Committee with the secretaries of the licensed parties.


The committee discussed the role of parties in the democratic process and participating in the political life in light of pluralism approved by constitution and law to build modern Syria.


Shaar added that Syria will continue legal and constitutional processes in spite of the fierce attack against the country, confirming that the presidential election is a constitutional process and a national duty for each citizen.


The secretaries of the parties said that the social and political actvities will take part in the presidential elections in the interest of the homeland to in order to choose the President of Syria within a democratic atmosphere.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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