Syrians Demonstrate in Support for Army, Presidential Election

The participants expressed their adherence to national unity and rejection of foreign interference


Syrians in several provinces on Tuesday took out to the streets in massive rallies to express support for the army, the presidential election and national principles.


Citizens in Aleppo city staged two rallies in support of the national principles, the constitutional presidential election and army in the face of terrorism.


The people of al-Sirian and Mahatet Baghdad neighborhoods in Aleppo said that Syria's strength comes from its army and the solidarity of its people, asserting that they will practice their right to vote in the upcoming presidential election.


Aleppo Governor Mohammad Wahid Aqqad was among the participants, saying that such rallies reflect the true face of Aleppo and its patriotic people.


Locals from Daraa province on Tuesday organized a rally in front of the Workers Union's building to express their support to the presidential election and to the Syrian Arab Army in the battle against terrorism.


The participants, holding patriotic banners and waving Syrian flags, expressed their adherence to national unity and rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs, adding that the presidential election are a response to all lies made by U.S. and the western countries.


They highlighted that the real response to all fake calls of "western freedom" is through going to ballot and practicing the right to vote, as much as to preserve Syria's unity and dignity.


Daraa Governor Mohammad Khaled al-Hannous called upon Daraa people to participate in the election, saying voting is the right and duty of every Syria citizen.


Mass marches and rallies were also organized in cities and towns of Qara, Nabek, Deir Attiya, al-Sabboura, Qatana, Arna, Bludan, Ashrafiyat Sednaya, Herjalleh, Dahyet Qudsaya, and Dahyet Harasta in Damascus Countryside.

The participants stressed the need for all Syrians to take part in the election to show that Syria will remain steadfast under pressure.


The rallies were attended by Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Makhlouf and secretary of the Damascus Countryside branch of al-Baath Party Mohammad Bkheit.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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