National Dialogue Follow-Up Committee Says Presidential Election Sovereign Issue

Committee calls on the opposition, inside and abroad, to engage in a serious dialogue


The follow-up committee of the Syrian National Dialogue of Tehran conference confirmed on Saturday that running the presidential election on time is a constitutional and sovereign issue, adding that it is the right and duty of Syrian people to participate.


At a press conference, the committee underlined a statement from MP Faissal Azouz that the Syrian state has full sovereignty over its territories and institutions, and will not allow others to interfere in its sovereign issues.


It called on the opposition, inside and abroad, to engage in a serious dialogue to get the country out of the current crisis.


The committee said it believed that "the failure of the Geneva conference shows that a Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Damascus is a Syrian solution for Syrian territories," in a statement.


It held its first dialogue conference in Damascus in March, 2013 with the presence of 700 figures, for a solution to crisis in Syria.


Azouz said the constitutional process comes within its natural context and the duration specified by the constitution of Syria, adding that electing a candidate for the presidential post among three candidates is a matter for the Syrian citizens.


Other secretaries from other Syrian parties confirmed the presidential election process is a Syrian-internal issue and that the U.S., western countries and their tools have no relation to this process.   


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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