Shaaban: National Reconciliation Offers Solution for Syria

Shaaban says presidential election has nothing to do with the political process in Geneva

Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said on Tuesday that national reconciliation in Syria is a basic and sound solution for Syrians as it reflects the view of the Syrian people and revives the feelings of relief and confidence.


In an interview with al-Manar TV channel broadcast Monday, Shaaban said that Syrians "want to look forward, not backward" and asserted that the presidential election is an ordinary application of the constitution and a continuity of the strength of the state's institutions and role.


Shaaban said the situation in Syria is far better than it had been before, and that western states attacking the presidential election, interfering in Syria's affairs and supporting terrorists are in fact not worried about the percentage of participation in the elections, but about the challenge manifested by the Syrian people in firming up the state and triumphing against their three-year aggression.


She pointed out that presidential election has nothing to do with the political process in Geneva, because the political solution the US wants from Geneva is to bring its agents to office and change Syria's political identity, whereas the political solution Syria wants is to get rid of terrorism and preserve the country's sovereignty.


Shaaban clarified that those who came to Geneva to negotiate with the Syrian delegation were paid and told to perform their parts, pointing out the Syrian delegation did not negotiate with them but rather with their masters, who were present in Geneva to instruct them.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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