Kurdish National Council Refuses Dialogue With PYD

The Council stressed the need to refrain the actions that increase the tensions

A General Secretariat meeting of the Kurdish National Council began late Monday, attended by 21 members out of 33, as the council members from the city of Kobane (also known as Ain al-Arab) did not attend.


The work schedule was dedicated to follow up the implementation of its decisions and important recent developments.


Statements were issued condemning the bombing in Tirbesipye (Qahtaniyah), the Arab Belt – a project applied in the Kurdish areas in 1973 during the construction of Euphrates dam – and on the decision made by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to prevent the leaders of Kurdistan Democratic Party from entering Syria.


The meeting adopted a decision about the participation in events to mark the first anniversary of the massacre committed in Amouda by the security forces of the Democratic Union Party against peaceful civilian protests, that claimed the lives of six people and wounded more than 20 others.


The council refused to meet the administration committee of Al-Jazeera Canton, according to a source close to the presidency of the Council, because the Council does not consider this administration legitimate, especially since the PYD announced it without consulting any other parties.


The meeting did discuss ways to activate dialogue with the Parliament of Western Kurdistan by creating the right atmosphere that will revive the joint action and revive the Conventions of Hewler 1 and 2.


The Council stressed the need to refrain the actions that increase the tensions, such as preventing the leader of Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria and some members of the leadership from entering the country through the Semalka border crossing, or preventing the celebrations dedicated to the founding anniversary of Kurdistan Democratic Party in Derik on 14 June, as well as the detention of some young people taking part.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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