Foreign Ministry Criticizes EU Decision on New Restrictive Measures Against Syria

Source says the timing of this decision coincides with an escalation of operations by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria and the Nusra Front

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the decision of the European Union’s Foreign Ministers Council to impose new restrictive measures against Syria constitutes a continuation of the EU’s hostile policy against Syria.


In a statement issued on Tuesday, an official source at the ministry described the step as a "desperate and pathetic response to the great achievement made by the Syrian people in carrying out the presidential elections which reflected the Syrians’ determination to defeat terrorism, confront all forms of pressure, and preserve their country’s sovereignty and independent decision-making".


The statement said that the EU, "while shedding crocodile tears over human rights violations, keeps providing all forms of support to terrorists who embrace an obscurantist mentality".


The source noted that the timing of this decision, which comes at a time when the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria and the Nusra Front in Syria are escalating their the terrorist operations, reaffirms the EU’s support for these terrorist organizations which are committing heinous crimes against innocent Syrian citizens, holy sites, and cultural heritage.


The statement said that this support to terrorists constitutes a grave threat to security and stability in the region and the entire world, and it makes the EU a full accomplice in the "dirty war being waged on Syria".


The source concluded by saying that unilateral European sanctions that affects the Syrian people’s livelihoods are not only a blatant violation of international laws and norms, but also showcase the height of political hypocrisy which has become a trademark of European policies.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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