Terrorism and National Reconstruction are Priorities: PM

Halqi hailed the accelerated pace of relief work in Syria

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said the government has major tasks ahead of it in the coming period, mainly rooting out terrorism, enhancing the armed forces through and pushing ahead with national reconciliation.


Addressing the People’s Assembly during a session on Sunday, Halqi highlighted the importance of having all national, political and societal powers on board in the decision-making process, saying that building the homeland is the responsibility of all Syrians.


He cited the need to create appropriate conditions for externally displaced citizens to ensure their return and looking after martyrs’ families.


The Premier highlighted the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry’s role in keeping international organizations updated on events in Syria as well as its efforts in defending Syrians against terrorism, referring also to the ministry’s “precise and full’ implementation of its obligations with regard to the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons.


Halqi hailed the accelerated pace at which relief work in Syria has been proceeding.


The Prime Minister reiterated that confronting all foreign attempts to politically exploit the humanitarian file in Syria and undermine the national sovereignty by asserting the main international principles regulating the UN’s role in aid delivery will remain a priority.


Halqi confirmed that the Syrian economy is holding firm and that all basic and social services are being provided, despite escalated economic sanctions imposed on the country and incessant attacks by terrorists against infrastructure.


He also stressed the need for a reconstruction process in Syria within the framework of an integral comprehensive national development project.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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