Jabra Laments His support for Toumeh’s Government: Source

Sources say a vote of no confidence in Toumeh’s government is now only a matter of time

The former president of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmad Jarba , expressed deep remorse for his support for Ahmad Tomeh, the president of the interim government, a well-informed source told Zaman al-Wasl.


The source said that Jarba consideres the support one of the biggest mistakes he committed during his presidency and that the time has come to overthrow Toumeh.


Sources said that Tomeh’s dismissal of the Free Syrian Army Supreme Military Council, which Zaman al-Wasl has previously published details of, was a total shock to Jarba, who used to believe that the president of the interim government was someone “reliable and trustworthy” who would not take any decision without consulting him, the source said. From that moment, Jarba said he decided to overthrow Toumeh’s government, but was waiting until the end of the battle of Coalition presidency, which ended in favor of his friend and ally, Hadi al-Bahra.


In this context, sources also confirmed that a vote of no confidence in Toumeh’s government is now only a matter of time, since the majority of Jarba’s political bloc within the coalition is determined to withhold confidence. Once the Coalition meets on 20 July, this subject will again be on the table. The source described the meeting as a summit to “break the bone” between two semi-equal forces in the Coalition; the first governed by Jarba, and the second is controlled by Muslim Brotherhood, their allies and other figures that don’t belong to any party.


Sources ruled out a scenario whereby the alliance of Sabbagh – Jarba which successfully pushed Bahra to the presidency –  would result in Toumeh being replaced later with Sabbagh. The source pointed out that Jarba truly doesn’t trust Sabbagh nor sees him as a future ally, however, their close relation is just a matter of tactics, and no one so far has been proposed as the next president of the government , because the issue requires a lengthy balances and consultations among Coalition’s members.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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