“Chance” Campaign Launched to Support Education in Liberated Areas

Kish Malek is a non-profit civil society organization working in Aleppo governorate

The Kish Malek (Checkmate) organization which works in Aleppo on 15 August launched the campaign "Fursa" (Chance) to support education in the liberated areas inside Syria.


The campaign will continue for one month and its activities will be conducted through collecting donations online and through donation boxes scattered throughout Turkey.


The current state of education will be outlined through special media activities, and donations will be collected from countries worldwide via the internet. Boxes will be set in different regions in Turkey where Syrians live, and brochures and leaflets explaining the situation of education in the liberated areas will be distributed. At the end of the campaign, the organizers will provide a report to guarantee the financial transparency of the campaign.


Kish Malek is a non-profit civil society organization working in Aleppo governorate. One of its activities involved the opening and operation of five schools in the city of Aleppo in 2013-2014, teaching 1,300 children aged between 6-12 years.


The plan of the organization's educational office for 2014-2015 includes supporting five more schools, and qualifying the educational cadre and training it in modern education skills.  In addition, a campaign will be launched to prevent girls from leaving school.


The campaign comes after education in the liberated areas (which is more than half of the country) become totally dependent on the Syrian new-born and short-term civil society organizations, particularly after the official state institutions gave up its responsibility towards education in the opposition-held areas and destroyed the infrastructure of the schools and their facilities.  UNICEF declared in a statement published in 2013 that the Syrian regime has destroyed, either totally or partially, 2,400 schools in Syria. On the other hand, the Syrian National Coalition and the transitional governments have failed to support education in the liberated areas.



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