Regime Supporters Deride Bashar as Failure, Opportunist

Many regime supporters expressed the idea that they are being used as fuel for a useless war

The pro-regime Facebook pages which have been praising "the brave Syrian army and the hawks of the air force" for months, now stand stunned after hundreds of coffins began arriving at their neighborhoods.


Gradually they have discovered the images hidden by the regime to keep them out of attention and to continue to use their sons to stay in power.


The scenes of the fall of Tabqa airport are completely different from anything that came before. Regime supporters learned how weak the government bases were and have discovered details about how the major officers in Assad's army left the airport in hysterics,leaving their brothers from the same sect behind, despite knowing the horrible fate awaiting them.


The tone of the regime supporters has changed, becoming harsher. Pro-regime pages on social media described Assad as "an insufficient leader and described the minister of defense as "the minister of death". They described the Assad government as a "selfish and opportunist government" and said "they don’t care about the soldiers or the fighters in People Committees, they only care about their positions."


Many other users expressed the idea that they are being used as fuel for a war, the end of which they could foresee, and a war lost in any outcome. They will sacrifice many of their sons for it, just to keep Bashar Assad in his position, said many regime supporters on their official Facebook pages.


All4syria followed the comments on some of these pages and selected some to republish here:


"This is a president who punishes only by words. An insufficient leadership, insufficient president, insufficient defense minister. The minister of health who worked hard was forced from his position, while Ali Haidar who is supposed to work, stayed," read one.


After 110 corpses of regime soldiers arrived at Hmehim Airport in Latakia (an Assad stronghold), one of the comments read: "What happened was the result of the wisdom of our armed forces in withdrawing from Tabqa airport, how wise is this leadership?!"


"How happy we are?! Yesterday they were filming the airport and today we lost it," said another.


Another comment said: "Have mercy on us, we have relatives in the airport".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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