Regime Commits Massacres in Douma and Hazzeh

Dozens of martyrs are killed daily in Douma which has been targeted by airstrikes

Around 30 government airstrikes killed 25 people and violent artillery shelling on the areas of Douma, Hazzeh and Saqba in the eastern countryside of Damascus.


Regime MiG planes targeted an old neighborhood in Douma, leading to the collapse of many of the old houses. According to a report issued by the Medical Office in Douma, the result of two airstrikes on two locations in Douma resulted in 72 casualties, mostly women and children. At laest 18 people died while another 30 were seriously wounded.


Meanwhile, an entire family was killed in a residential neighborhood in Hazzeh, targeted by two missiles which led to the collapse of two buildings. Five people were martyred and there were more than 20 injuries, including women and children.


Two persons were killed and four more were injured during the airstrike on Saqba, while Ain-Tarma is still coming under heavy air raids, with 25 airstrikes tarrgeting the region since the early morning, leading to mass destruction.


Dozens of martyrs are killed daily in Douma which has been targeted directly. Military planes fly over the city day and night, causing massive casualties, while the tight siege around the city continues to cut off electricity, water and communications.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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