Brother of Returned IS Fighter Details Atrocities

Khalid al-Miteri said his brother witnessed IS fighters slaughtering Muslims

The brother of Ahmad Tamer ash-Shateri al-Miteri, who defected from the Islamic State (IS), has confirmed that the main reason for his brother's escape was his discovery that IS leaders abuse drugs, establish nightclubs, capture women and kill Muslims.


Khalid al-Miteri said his brother witnessed Muslims declaring their Islam, but the soldiers of IS slaughtering them.


In an interview with al-Hayat, Miteri revealed that his brother, Ahmad, who escaped from IS, was not the singer of the famous song 'Ya Aaseb ar-Ras' (You, who bound your head), saying the singer is in fact "our third brother, Saad, who is still fighting alongside IS."


"We wish he would repent and come back home," he said.


"I have three brothers, Fahad, Saad and Ahmad, and all of them went to fight in Syria after the calls for jihad were broadcast through social networks."


"The images of women and children tortured and killed in Syria motivated them and the calls of the social networks misled them. My elder brother, Fahad, was killed by the Syrian army a month after he arrived in Syria and joined the Nusra Front, while Saad and Ahmad defected from Nusra and joined IS in June 2014."


"Saad sang that song and broadcast it on the Internet. The song proves how misled he was and that he doesn’t know the consequences of such a song, while Ahmad remained silent and worried about how would he come back and leave the Islamic State which has no relation to Islam, except in name," Miteri explained.


Miteri confirmed that his brother escaped from IS because he saw them "kill Muslims, abuse drugs, establish nightclubs and capture women. All these actions made him wonder: how could an Islamic State act like this?".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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