Assad: Combating Terrorism Requires Cooperation

Iran and Syria asserted that combating terrorism must be done according to international law

President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday received the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani and an accompanying delegation.


The two parties asserted that combating terrorism must be done according to international law, and that success requires unifying efforts of the international community and cooperating with the countries in the region that are waging a war against this looming threat.


The two sides also reaffirmed the position that combating terrorism requires abandoning the policies of "double standards" that are still being employed by the West and particularly by the United States, as these policies seek to implement covert agendas that do not serve the interests of the region’s people.


President Assad stressed that confronting the takfiri extremist mentality spread by terrorists and nurtured by some countries in the region is no less important than fighting the terrorists who commit acts of murder, wreak havoc, and destroy the historic and cultural heritage of people wherever they go.


“Combating terrorism cannot be carried out by states that contributed to establishing terrorist organizations, provided them with logistic and material support, and spread terrorism around the world," Assad said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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