ISIS Stones Woman to Death in Eastern Hama

The woman was accused of adultery

Activists have broadcast a video clip of fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) stoning a woman accused of aldultery.


The video shows a veiled woman standing in front her father while one ISIS fighters talks to her before the stoning begins.


The clip starts with a speech by the fighter, addressing the woman.


"You are the first woman to receive the fair stoning punishment for adultery in this region, and I hope it to be a good year for the region. I want you to repent because this is the result of what you have done. You have to be submissive and satisfied with Allah's punishment, as Islam is the surrender to Almighty Allah and obedience to him," he says.


He then asks the woman: "Are you satisfied with Allah's punishment?" to which she replies: "Yes, but forgive me". She gives her reply to her father, who says he refuses to forgive her, telling her: "I am not your father".


The ISIS fighter then asks him to forgive her and tells him she will die shortly after. Then the fighter tells her in the end: "May Allah forgive you". She asks him: "Pray for me", and he replies: "No, no".


"What do you want to say before you move to the mercy of Allah?" the fighter asks her, to which she replies: "I would advise every married woman to keep her honor as she keeps her spirit and I would recommend every father to check the environment he will put his daughter in before he accepts any proposal of marriage."


Then the fighter says: "This is a message to all Muslims from a married Muslim woman driven by the mistakes of some men to do what she did. Don’t stay away from your women more than the legitimate period. Beware of love, money and desires. Stay next to your wives and obey Allah and treat women kindly. When you leave your wives for years on their own, Satan would do to them what he wants."


Her father repeats: "Allah forgives you", then he pulls her by a rope to the hole.  The bystanders start dropping stones on her head while she says: "There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah".


The ISIS fighter who supervises the implementation of stoning concludes by saying:"This is the first application of stoning punishment in the eastern countryside of Hama", before the woman is stoned to death.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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