Parliament Approves State Budget Bill

Allocations for social subsidies have been increased by 3,685 billion SP

The People’s Assembly approved on Tuesday a bill on the state’s general budget for 2015, set at 1.554 billion Syrian Pounds.


The 2015 budget marked an increase of 164 billion SP on 2014.


Some 1,144 billion SP has have been allocated for current expenditures, a year-on-year increase of 134 billion SP, while 410 billion SP will go for investment expenditures, recording an annual increase of 30 billion SP. 


Allocations for social subsidies have also been increased by 3,685 billion SP, with the total amount estimated at 9,835 billion SP.


The budget also allocates 50 billion SP for the construction and rehabilitation of public facilities and compensation for damages and losses caused to private facilities due to the current events taking place in the country.


Minister of Finance Ismael Ismael noted that the estimated number of job opportunities which could be provided according to the budget bill was put at 94,599. Some 50 percent of job vacancies in state establishments would be allocated to the families of martyrs.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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