Rebels Agree to Restore Water to Damascus

Water supply returned to Damascus after three days of a complete cut at Wadi Barada

The opposition has agreed to partially re-open water supplies to Damascus until the regime agrees to their demands.


The water supply returned to Damascus after three days of a complete cut, in response to heavy shelling by the Syrian regime on Wadi Barada, which supplies Damascus with water.


A statement issued by the opposition battalions in Wadi Barada declared that they gave the regime notice to implement their demands or they would explode Ain al-Fijah – the main water source in Damascus.


The opposition demanded a break of the siege on towns in Wadi Barada and the release of detained women, the withdrawal of regime forces to behind Ashrafiyat al-Wadi, and an end to the bombing in the area.


The statement added that opposition battalions agreed on Tuesday to partially restore water supplies, after the regime sent an envoy to negotiate with the opposition, agreeing to re-open the water supply until the regime implements all the opposition's demands.


The events came after the regime intensified shelling and bombing by air forces alongside militias of the National Defence forces as they tried to advance toward Basima village, adjacent to Ain al-Fijah, where people have suffered under a long-term siege.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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