Jordan Expels Syrian Refugees Involved with Terrorist Organizations

Memorandum states that if any refugee breached Jordanian national security must be expelled

The director of Syrian Refugee Camps Management in Jordan, Wadah al-Hamoud, has confirmed news about the expulsion of Syrian refugees from Jordan.


Hamoud said in a press statement that a small number of Syrian refugees were found to be involved with terrorist organizations in Syria and attempted to establish hostile organizations inside Jordanian territory.


He explained that Jordan did not sign the 1951 Geneva Convention, but it based the expulsion of Syrian refugees on the guaranteed exception included in the memorandum of understanding signed by the Jordanian government and the UNHCR in 1998, which states that if any refugee breaches Jordanian national security, he must be expelled.


Hamoud stressed that the Government of Jordan signed on two points included in the memorandum: the voluntary return in accordance with the terms of the assets. Between 120 and 150 Syrian refugees per day leave voluntarily to their homeland at their request, after signing a written pledge to the camp management.


Hamoud pointed out that another important point in the memorandum of understanding is that when the crisis ends, the Syrian refugees must return to their home country or the international community is obliged to find a third country for them, so they cannot settle in Jordan.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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