Zahran Alloush Denies ISIS Accusations

Alloush says the Army of Islam is fighting the regime and ISIS together

The Commander of the Army of Islam, Zahran Alloush, has commented on statements made by commanders from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), accusing him of holding secret negotiations with the regime.


"This is a lie made up by al-Baghdadi's organization; the rumored meeting is fanciful and a lie. Such a meeting has never taken place, and the fight with regime army continues in the surroundings of Ghouta until this very moment," Alloush said.


Alloush stressed that the Army of Islam is still fighting the regime and ISIS together, because they are two sides of the same coin.


"If you do not feel ashamed, lie as you wish," Alloush said, addressing Lieutenant Abou Uday in response to the latter's accusations that he had held secret negotiations with the regime.


The military spokesman of the Army of Islam, Abdul Rahman al-Shami, confirmed in a special interview with All4Syria that "Tthe Army of Islam still maintains its principles and values and it will never change them."


"Our first goal is to topple the Baathist regime with all its symbols, forms and figures, and to build a state of rights and justice. We will not accept any political solution that leads us to give up our principles and objectives. This regime will fall only by arms and fighting," he said.


One ISIS leader had accused the commander of the Army of Islam of sending a reconciliation delegation headed by a person named "Abou Zainab" as a representative of the Islamic Front to meet security officers in the heart of Damascus in order to agree on the withdrawal of the Free Syrian Army from Meliha. In return, Alloush was supposed to launch a military campaign against ISIS.


Alloush concluded his speech saying "Abou Zainab is a member in the Shariah Council of ISIS. His mission was to assassinate some of the leaders of the Army of Islam, and when he failed, he returned to his original job –  serving the regime".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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