Operation To Liberate al-Mijbil In Aleppo

Rebels make advance after fighters take control of al-Mijbil

In a new qualitative operation, rebels took control of al-Mijbil Bureij, northeast of Aleppo, on Monday. Clashes lasted five hours with heavy weapons against regime forces, backed up by Iranian and Afghani militias.



The Information Office of al-Jabha ash-Shamiyah announced that 20 members of the security forces and foreign militias were killed during the fighting, adding rebels had taken a full control over al-Mijbil al-Kabbeer, north of Inzarat neighborhood, al-Manasher area and Tal al-Bureij.
The Information Office also announced that the rebels managed to loot a tank and a stockpile of ammunition. According to the Information Office, the remaining regime forces escaped the strategic al-Mijbil Bureij area overlooking the central prison of Aleppo. 



A Siraj Press correspondent confirmed the rebels started the battle at dawn today, launching an attack on al-Mijbil, which enjoys a strategic importance located between al-Iwej and al-Bureij and al-Inzarat. The correspondent also confirmed the clashes led to the rebel control of the al-Manasher area and Tal al-Bureij, adjacent to the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar.



The correspondent said rebels have regained the lead after the union of al-Jabha ash-Shamiyah, which includes: the Islamic Front, the movement of Nur al-Dinal-Zanki, Army of the Mujahideen, Tajmma Fastaqim battalions, and al-Asala and at-Tanmiyah Front. Al-Jabha regained control of al-Mijbil, which regime forces took control over two months ago as an initial step in the control of all al-Bureij area.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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