FSA Takes Sheikh Miskeen

Regime brigade defeated by Free Syrian Army, Nusra front seizes 120 anti-aircraft missiles

The Free Syrian Army (FSA), in collaboration with Islamic factions in Daraa, have taken control of the city of Sheikh Miskeen after raiding Brigade 82 Air Defense, the Military Construction buildings, Medical Battalion buildings and electricity facilities.


Sources told al-Quds al-Arabi that fighters from the Nusra Front have captured "Igla" surface to air missiles, vehicles and anti-aircraft hardware. The Front also captured four members of Hezbollah, three Iranians and 20 soldiers of the Syrian regime forces during the battles.


The FSA on the southern front took full control of Brigade 82 Air Defense in Sheikh Miskeen city, in the middle of Daraa countryside, on Sunday afternoon.


Brigade 82 is one of the most notorious Syrian regime military bases in southern Syria, acting as an important hub linking the middle, eastern and north-western countryside of Daraa, making it a vital and important strategic point.


After taking control of Brigade 82, the FSA is likely to attack the city of Izraa in the eastern countryside of Daraa, where the last regime strongholds east of Daraa are stationed. If successful, the rebels will open the way towards the north-western sector of Daraa towards brigades stationed in Sanamayn, near the capital, Damascus.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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