Abu Tair: Jordanian Ground Intervention in Syria

Writer claims ground intervention may take place to face the risk of an extremist Islamic state bordering Jordan

Military intervention in Syria to protect the kingdom from an extremist Islamic state is probable, according to a Jordanian writer with close ties to the country’s ruling elite.


Maher Abu Tair said in an article published in the Jordanian Dustur newspaper that Jordanian ground intervention in southern Syria may take place to face the risk of an extremist Islamic state in the south of Syria.


Abu Tair stated that this intervention would be the only chance for the whole region if Syria were divided into small states. He said Jordan may supervise Syrian fighters in charge of this task if it found it necessary.


In a related context, the field commander of the Southern Front, Abdullah Abu Talha, said the Front has taken control of nearly 70 percent of Daraa province, including borders with Jordan.


The Southern Front is considered one of the largest moderate opposition military formations of the Free Army.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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