Rebels of Eastern Ghouta Call for Unity

Statement by the Unified Command urges armed rebels fighting the Assad regime to unite following rising criticism of Islam Army commander

The Unified Military Command of the Eastern Ghouta district, in a statement posted online, has called for the unity of armed groups fighting against the Syrian regime.


The statement comes following rising criticism of Islam Army commander Zahran Alloush, who twice carried massive rocket attacks on government-controlled neighborhoods of Damascus, resulting in the heavy aerial bombardment of the embattled suburbs of Damascus, leaving 150 people killed and hundreds more wounded.


The Command was founded in August 2013 between the Islam Army (Jaish al-Islam), Al-Rahman Legion (Failaq al-Rahman) and the Islamic Union for Ajnad al-Sham. Islam Army was formed by a merger of rebel factions in 2013 and has received continual backing from Saudi Arabia.


Towns of Eastern Ghouta have suffered severe siege and daily shelling for more than three years since the armed conflict escalated.    


The United Nations claims 220,000 people have been killed since 2011 in Syria's civil war, which began as peaceful protests against President Bashar al-Assad.


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