Anti-ISIS Strike Planned in Aleppo's Minbij

Following news of a retreating ISIS, residents of Aleppo's eastern city plan a peaceful demonstration against the presence of ISIS

Activists called for a general strike in the city of Minbij and its eastern countryside in Aleppo to condemn the practices of ISIS in the city. The calls for the strike coincide with the decline of ISIS power in Aleppo's northern countryside, following advances by the Free Army and Kurdish forces in the eastern countryside of Kobani.


One of the organizers said the strike is a form of peaceful protest in the city, expressing people of the city are supporting the Free Army Brigades which are engaged in fierce battles with ISIS.


"The strike is to welcome the rebels approaching the city of Carchemish and Minbij", the activist said.


The strike forced the closure of shops and markets, calling on people to boycott all ISIS commissions in the city.


"People refuse the presence of ISIS in they city, and they suffer daily from its practices", the activist added. The campaigners have selected next Thursday as the day for the strike.


"We reject the presence of the organization in the city, but the idea of the strike is difficult because of the fear of the consequences", one of the citizens of the city said.


Calls for the strike coincide with news of an ISIS withdrawal from Aleppo's northern and eastern countryside, which includes the city of Minbij, al-Bab and Carchemish.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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