Orontes Flood 
Sinks Tents And Houses

Heavy flooding destroys tents housing displaced people in north Idleb

The Orontes River has flooded the northern countryside of Idleb, destroying the tent housing of displaced people from the regime-held city of Jisr ash-Shughur, according to a Syria News Office report.

According to media activist, Mohammed al-Kinnish, the flood followed two days of heavy rainfall. "Five tents sheltering displaced people in addition to a number of nearby houses have sunk, which led its inhabitants to seek shelter in caves near the Orontes Mountains", the report said.

Jisr ash-Shughur camp had been established over a year ago to shelter about 40 displaced families from nearby villages. The camp suffers from a deterioration in health, education, food and water services.

Humanitarian organizations have been unable to reach Jisr ash-Shughur as it is too close to the regime-held city of Jisr ash-Shughur. The inhabitants of the camp depend mainly on the water of Orontes River for daily needs.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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