Revolutionary Command Council Criticizes De Mistura

Syria's largest opposition coalition criticizes UN envoy for "dishonest" position towards the Syrian revolution

The Revolutionary Command Council, which includes the Syrian opposition’s largest armed factions, has said in a statement that it would not meet with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura because he adopted a dishonest position towards the revolution of the Syrian people.

The statement came after the international envoy described President Bashar al-Assad as "part of the solution to the reduction of the violence". De Mistura added that he will continue his talks with Assad following talks between the two last week in Damascus.

The statement said: "The Council, with all its factions, has decided to reject meeting the UN mediator due to his dishonest position towards the revolution of the Syrian people".

The spokeswoman for the UN envoy told Reuters that they "are aware of the referred-to statement and continue to follow with interest and concern the reactions coming out from the different groups and entities".

Earlier this month, diplomats claimed the talks about freezing the fighting in Aleppo had come to a deadly end, as Damascus said it did not see any need to make concessions to the desperate armed groups.

The Revolutionary Command Council was founded late last year to unify the opposition fighters who do not belong to radical Islamic groups like the Islamic State and the Nusra Front.


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