Rumors Circulate Over ‘Explosive Device’ in Aleppo

Pro-regime media denies injury of Iranian officers in explosion near al-Muhafaza neighborhood in Aleppo

Pro-regime social networking pages confirmed the explosion near al-Muhafaza neighborhood in Aleppo was caused by "an explosive device", while rebels sources claim the explosion was caused by a military vehicle loaded with ammunition.

Pro-regime media denied the injury of any Iranian Revolutionary Guards or regime officers in the explosion, also denying the bombing targeted a security center where Iranian and regime officers were holding a meeting.

Pro-regime media sources gave no further details on the explosion.

But activists in the city of Aleppo circulated reports confirming that a car loaded with ammunition exploded near al-Muhafaza neighborhood in the city of Aleppo. Ad-Durar ash-Shamiyah website confirmed that the explosion was caused due to a collision with a civilian vehicle, followed by the detonation of a grenade inside the car, leading to the injury of some pedestrians.

Pro-regime media claimed an explosive device was planted inside the car, denying news that the region has been targeted with rockets.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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