Lebanon’s Druze Call For Protection of Syrian Unity

Council claims it will not allow anyone to use the Druze for goals that do not serve Syria, nor the community, for targets unrelated to their Arab and Islamic identity

The Community Council of the Unitarian Druze in Lebanon have addressed members of the Druze community in Syria, calling to "be alert of conspiracies that plague them from all sides", and to "act with the utmost reason and wisdom they are known for, while being vigilant of the seriousness of the intrigues targeting them in order to involve the community in the absurd fight against their brothers and sons of their homeland, Syria".

The call came in a meeting held under the chairmanship of the Sheikh al-Akl of the Unitarian Druze community, Naim Hassan, at the community house in Fardan, where the council discussed the general situation in Syria alongside other matters related to the community.

The Community Council stressed its “absolute confidence that the Druze in Syria will defend their territory and their existence, clinging to their ancient Arab roots and Islam, defending the right against the wrong".

The council “would not allow anyone, whoever they be, to use the Druze for goals that do not serve Syria, nor them, for targets unrelated to their Arab and Islamic identity – and their history – which is underlined with heroism in the face of their nation's enemies, to protect the unity of Syria and to reject all forms of occupation, oppression and tyranny", it added.

The council also warned that "some of the names given to some suspicious groups will not succeed in dragging the Syrian Unitarian Druze into a deadly conflict far from the Zionist enemy. Therefore, they must work to save Syria from this conflict, not to participate in it for deadly excuses".

The council hoped the Syrian Druze will "meet the sensible appeal of their neighbors in Daraa and Quneitra in order to save what can be saved from their country in this major ordeal".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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