Shabeeha Convert Damascus Parks for Lovers
’ Rendezvous

Pro-regime forces transform sports stadiums and public parks into military centers and red-light districts

Many of Damascus’ sports stadium have closed; their parks converted into hotbeds for shabeeha and regime militias – a space to meet the mistresses of the national sovereignty, the preservers of the national unity against the global conspiracy, and the believers of Assad's protective shield.

The building’s entrances are now the safest places in the capital for children. This can be seen in the heart of the city as you walk between the ancient Damascene neighborhoods. Though these spaces are narrow, it is better the children go here than to never return at all.

The regime has transformed these stadiums to military centers for its militia and their vehicles, placing rocket launchers in the Tishreen and Fayhaa stadiums, with al-Abbasyin Stadium transformed into a military barrack.

The parks are full of soldiers, prostitutes and displaced people. There is barely a peaceful park left, with the city’s biggest park, Tishreen, now within the security cordon protecting the presidential palace.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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