Assad’s Air Strikes Kill 10 People in al-Shadadi

Shadadi witnesses its second regime attack in a number of weeks after Kurdish militias recently regained the small tribal town from ISIS fighters

Syrian regime air strikes killed at least 10 civilians, including two women and children, in the town of al-Shadadi, northeastern Syria, activists said.

The small tribal town, west of Hassakeh, witnessed the death of over 50 people weeks ago when al-Shadadi was targeted by Bashar al-Assad's air strikes.

ISIS fighters, who control al-Shadadi and vast territories northeast Syria and Iraq, were defeated by Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) militias in a number of villages.

The Kurdish PYD and YPG militias – US allies in the fight against ISIS – have shown grit in fighting the terrorist organization, but the militias’ effectiveness will likely diminish beyond the Kurdish areas.

According to Reuters, a senior Western diplomat said the significance of ISIS' recent setbacks should not be exaggerated, but added: "There’s no doubt that the heady days of ISIS are over."

Syria's four-year-old war has killed more than 220,000 people and forced millions from their homes.


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