Barrel Bomb Kills Family of 7 in Aleppo

Regime shelling of Aleppo has killed around 150 people since the start of May

The Syrian government intensified its aerial campaign targeting rebel-held areas in Aleppo’s Old City on Wednesday, with airstrikes killing a family of seven, a monitoring group said.

The Syria Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said seven victims, including three children and two women, were killed by a barrel bomb attack on the neighborhood of al-Balat.

According to SNHR reports, about 150 victims have died in the regime’s shelling of Aleppo from May 1-20.

The Assad regime has waged an unrelenting aerial campaign against opposition-held areas over the past months, making particular use of improvised barrel bombs. Rights groups have heavily criticized the weapons, claiming they cause indiscriminate damage and are more likely to inflict civilian casualties.


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