Regime Air Strikes Kill 10 in Douma Marketplace

Shelling continues in the countryside of Damascus as marketplace death toll expected to rise, activists claim

Regime warplanes launched heavy airstrikes on the city of Douma in the countryside of Damascus Tuesday, killing and injuring a number of civilians.

Spokesperson for the Ghouta Now Network, Bilal Abu Salah, explained to al-Souria Net that the airstrikes targeted a popular market in Douma, leading to the death of 10 civilians, including two children and a woman, and the injury of 65 others, in addition to enormous destruction to the market and neighboring buildings. Abu Salah said he expected the death toll to rise because of the large number of victims in a critical condition.

The Coordination Committee of Douma published the names of those who were killed: Mansoor Jassim al-Abdullah, Mohammed al-Zeer, the child Tasnim at-Tout, the child Samer at-Tout, Mohammed al-Baalah, Younis Sheikh Saleh, Hiam Abdul Ghani, Rateb Adnan Sayoul and Suleiman as-Suleiman, citing that one of the victims was an unidentified child.

Meanwhile, regime warplanes continued shelling the countryside of Damascus, notably the outskirts of Marj al-Sultan and Masraba.

The shelling comes amid the deterioration of living conditions of the people trapped in Douma and Eastern Ghouta, as "Eastern Ghouta suffers from a critical shortage in medicines as the world no longer offers anything for the trapped people", Abu Salah said.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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