Parliament Passes Bill to Cut Customs Fines

Customs offenses will be exempt from penalty if overdue duties and fees are paid

The People’s Assembly approved a bill on Sunday exempting customs offences from fines on the condition duties are paid by the due date‫.

According to the draft law, the customs offences listed in articles No. 277 and No. 278 of the Customs Law No. 38 for 2006 will be exempt from fines if overdue customs duties and other fees and taxes are paid.

The law also will also replace certain fines with others whose value is 10 percent of the original amounts imposed if customs duties are paid by the due date‫.

Finance Minister Ismail Ismail said the law comes in light of the high revenues of the collected customs duties and other charges and taxes‫.

The exemptions will cover the customs offenses committed before July 9, 2013, for which no judicial rulings have been issued‫.

Customs offences related to weapons, drugs, prohibited goods, oil products and subsidized materials are not included in the new bill‫.


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