Opposition Forces Recapture Strategic Hill in Lattakia’s Countryside

Rebels launch major offensive on regime forces in Osman Hill, killing 10 pro-regime fighters and injuring others, says FSA commander

Opposition forces regained control of the strategic Osman Hill, near the Turkish border in the countryside of Lattakia, after violent clashes with regime forces.

The leader of the Free Syrian Army, Abu Rahhal, said: "The opposition factions, led by the First Coastal Brigade of the Free Syrian Army, launched a massive attack on regime forces in Osman Hill. The attack led to the death of 10 pro-regime militants, and the injury of others".

Regime forces are striving to recapture the hill because of its strategic importance, which connects the three main roads leading to Burj al-Qasab area, az-Zweik, and al-Kandisiyah – the most advanced point of Mount Turkmen in the countryside of Lattakia.

Media activist Salim al-Omar said: "the sounds of the clashes were very strong where it became clearly audible inside Turkey, which led to a state of alarm among Turkish army units stationed near the fighting areas. Turkish military vehicles were later seen heading towards the border".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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