Syria, Iraq Discuss Expanding Counter-Terrorism Cooperation

Two countries consider strengthening security ties and coordination in light of heightened terrorist threat facing the region

President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday met with National Security Advisor and Iraqi envoy Faleh al-Fayyad to discuss joint counter-terrorism efforts between the two countries.

The talks touched on the critical condition of the region due to the escalation of the terrorist war, particularly in Syria and Iraq, in addition to the importance of maintaining and expanding cooperation and coordination between the two countries in confronting the Takfiri terrorist organizations.

The two sides agreed that any progress or achievement in confronting terrorism in one country reflects positively on the other, as terrorism knows no homeland or religion and seeks to weaken and divide the region by fueling sectarianism.

The meeting also stressed that eliminating terrorism requires a regional and international effort that is based on constructive cooperation, respecting state sovereignty and the interests of the region’s people.


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