Syrian Army, Hezbollah Kill Rebel Leaders in Zabadani

Opposition fighters lose ground in battles along Lebanon's border as two rebel commanders are killed by pro-Assad forces

Syrian Army units, in cooperation with the Lebanese Hezbollah, have killed two terrorist leaders during their operations in Zabadani city in the countryside of Damascus.

Ground sources identified the deceased as Abdullah Ahmad Abdullah, leader of the Western Neighborhood Sector group, and Omar Ahmad Hamdan, a explosives expert from Hamza Bin Abdulmutaleb Battalions.

Army and Hezbollah forces also seized control of apartment blocks in the western neighborhood and al-Zahraa, west of al-Abadan city center, after eliminating terrorists in the area.

Social media pages belonging to the terrorist groups acknowledged the death of a number of their fighters in al-Abadan, including Abdo Daher al-Tal, Omar Adnan Hamdan, Abdelrazzq al-Tal, and Malek Mahmoud Kharita.


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