Suweida’s Leaders Sign Province-Wide Security Accord

Signatories call for greater employment and safety guarantees to ensure the return of all displaced people

Over a hundred religious, civil and senior clan figures from Suweida reached on Thursday an "Act of Accord” to preserve security and social stability in the southern province.

The signatories stressed they would prevent any party from violating the rules of the accord, “stirring tension and getting involved in irresponsible security incidents or undermining the position of the state or governmental institutions.”

‫ The accord prohibits the shedding of blood among the locals of Suweida, urging people to refer all “previous violations and security incidents” to the judiciary and concerned authorities.

‫ Taking up arms against the state is also rejected under the agreement, which calls for legal action against whoever commits abductions and seizures of property, regardless of reason or pretext.

‫ The signatories underlined their desire for security in the province, calling for greater employment measures and guarantees of safety to ensure the return of all displaced people.


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