Regime Helicopters Massacre Dozens in Southern Countryside of Idleb

Regime warplanes and helicopters launch several air raids on villages and towns in the southern countryside of Idleb

Regime air forces massacred dozens of civilians, including women and children, on Monday afternoon in the town of al-Barah, Idleb countryside, activists said.

A helicopter dropped barrel bombs on a set of residential buildings on the outskirts of the town, resulting in the death of 15 civilians, including nine women and four children, and the injury of more than two dozen civilians, some of them in critical condition. Victims were transported to field hospitals in Marrat an-Numan.

Several civilians were also killed or injured Monday when regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on al-Habit in the southern countryside of Idleb.

A Siraj Press correspondent reported a military helicopter dropped two explosive barrels on civilian houses in the town, leading to the death of four civilians, and the injury of several others, in addition to the destruction of civilian homes.

In a similar context, a civilian was killed and more than four others were injured when regime air forces targeted the town of Harah, striking the village with two missiles.

At least three women were also injured when regime warplanes bombed the city of Ariha. The town of Marrat an-Numan was also targeted with missiles twice Tuesday.

Regime warplanes have launched several air raids on villages and towns in al-Zawiyah Mount in the southern countryside of Idleb, including Kansafrah, Safhoun, Kafr Rouma and Orm al-Joz, while no injuries have yet been reported.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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