Army of Islam Captures Tel Kurdi in Push to Liberate Prisoners

Rebel group takes industrial district amid offensive to liberate female prisoners in the city's north-east

Army of Islam (Jaish al-Islam) fighters have seized control of Tel Kurdi in the north-eastern suburbs of the capital amid intense efforts to liberate detained females from Damascus central prison, activists said Friday.

The dominant rebel group in Eastern Ghouta’s suburbs said Thursday the offensive’s main goal was to liberate female prisoners from Adra prison, 15 km (10 miles) northeast of Damascus.

The group released a statement claiming its fighters had captured the buildings surrounding the prison after seizing control of the strategic Tel Kurdi district, previously the industrial and commercial center of Damascus before the revolution erupted in March 2011.

Army of Islam spokesperson Islam Alloush reported regime air forces had thwarted the group’s attack on the Islamic State (ISIS) in the suburb of Hajer al-Aswad west of Damascus.

Alloush also hinted at coordination between ISIS and the regime army in the fight against other rebel groups.


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