Opposition Factions Reveal Local Manufacture of Light, Medium Weapons

Video shows masked rebel spokesman announcing locally made weapons, including sniper rifles, were developed "with God's help"

Activists published video footage yesterday declaring that some opposition factions had successfully managed to manufacture light and medium weapons.

The footage showed a masked man in a military uniform putting the flag of the revolution on his chest and holding a copy of the Koran in his hand. Behind the man were the emblems of a number of Syrian opposition factions.

"With God's help, we were able to manufacture light and medium weapons. We hope for more important achievements. We are reaching out to deal with other Syrian opposition factions," the man said.

A source told al-Souria Net that the manufactured weapon, which appeared in the video, was a "locally made sniper rifle.”

“The project is promising, and the ambition is be able to arm the Syrian revolution with all kinds of weapons."

The source, who refused to provide information on manufacturing materials and how they were supplied due to security reasons, said that "work continues on the manufacture of light and medium weapons as a first step to building all types of weapons."

Opposition fighters had previously manufactured rockets and missiles at workshops in Damascus, Idleb and other opposition-held areas, but this is the first time such groups have declared the development of a homemade weapon.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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