Rebels Take Locations Near Mount Azzan as ISIS Loses Ground to Regime

Regime seizes ISIS-held towns on their way to break the siege around Kweres Airport while battles continue against opposition forces in the southern countryside of Aleppo

Syrian opposition factions seized several locations near Mount Azzan in the countryside of Aleppo, destroying a heavy weapons cache, while regime forces re-seized several Islamic State (ISIS)-held villages near the city of as-Sufairah.

Member of as-Sufairah Media Center, Abu Shadi as-Sufairani, said regime forces re-seized five ISIS-held villages and towns on their way to break the siege around Kweres Airport, including the villages of Telnaam, an-Nasiriyah, Bakishah, al-Halabiyah and ad-Dikwana.

The battles continued to rage on in the southern countryside of Aleppo between regime forces and opposition factions, after pro-Assad forces seized Abtin and Hader.

An official for the opposition Ahrar ash-Sham Movement in Aleppo, Abu Yusuf al-Muhajir, said regime forces seized the towns of Abtin and Hader, before the opposition factions carried out a counter-attack to re-seize Hader, adding that clashes continue around Abtin.

Muhajir revealed that during the counter-attack, the opposition factions managed to destroy six tanks and two machine guns, stressing that the morale is high for a new operation in the coming hours.

Ahmed al-Ahmad, an official in ash-Sham Legion, denied any negotiations between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces over control of the town of Wadihi, stressing that such information is baseless and the town is under the full control of the Free Syrian Army.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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